Testing was performed on a paved road to clearly demonstrate the severity of the problem

BPX360 is a new patented precision wheel balance device for the dirt bike/dual sport motorcycle industry. The balancer will increase performance, provide faster acceleration, better handling, higher top speeds, better fuel economy, and most important a much smoother ride with less rider fatigue.

The balancing device has been in development for five years, and rigorously tested where we live in the beautiful San Juan Mountains of Colorado. This product is a true performance enhancer and eliminates a major problem that all dirt bike/dual sport motorcycles manufactured suffer from.

The product was created to cure a harmonic vibration in the wheels due to an imbalance. The vibration starts early on with speed and is very prominent at approximately 35 mph and increasingly gets worse the faster you go. At higher speeds the motorcycle is harder to control and has a noticeable decrease in power and acceleration.

This imbalance is caused by two components. First, all dirt bike and some dual sport motorcycles are equipped with rim locks on both front and rear wheels. The rim lock is located within the rim and tire assembly. The purpose of the rim lock is to lock the tire to the rim to prevent the rim from spinning inside the tire. The rim lock is a small stationary device that bolts through the rim. The rim locks can weigh between 50 to 200 grams. Secondly inner tubes have a fill valve called a schrader valve. This assembly is part of the imbalance and weighs approximately 22 grams. These two items are placed on the wheel in different areas with different weights create an uneven weight distribution. With the uneven weight distribution while rotating causes a severe imbalance and vibration.

In order to correct the problem, the BPX360 motorcycle balancer is permanently fastened to the crown of the rim in a precise location opposite the rim lock and inner tube air fill valve. The robust engineering, high quality materials and unique placement of the BPX360 dirt bike balancer assures unparalleled performance, durability and protection from trail debris. The BPX 360 balancing system kit was designed based on perfectly balanced rim sets knowing that all wheels will have a slight imbalance. The BPX 360 system will eliminate at least 90% of the critical wheel imbalance caused by these components. BPX360 does not assist in balancing the tires on the motorcycle which is rarely an issue, nor should they be installed on damaged or bent wheels. Owner/installer takes full responsibility of proper installation.

How BPX360 Works
BPX360 Wheel Balancer on Dirtbike


Motorcycle Wheel Balancer Illustration

Bet you never realized just how severely out of balance your dirt bike wheels are. Please see illustration. For demonstration purposes only! We used stick-on wheel weights weighing 7 grams each. These weights are commonly used to balance automotive and street bike magnesium wheels. It generally takes between 1 and 6 of these stick-on weights to balance a car tire. We installed a stock motorcycle rim lock weighing in at 100 grams and the inner tube air fill valve weighing 22 grams. Amazingly we used 20 of these stick-on weights to counterbalance the weight of the rim lock and inner tube air fill valve.