Don’t Just Take Our Word For It!

Customers who use the BPX360 Dirtbike Wheel Balancing System are experiencing the difference. Checkout our collection of reviews below or start shopping.

I installed the balance pro system on my 2017 KTM 300 XCW and took it out for a test ride at a local riding area east of Denver. I usually ride single track trails joined by forest roads. I was experiencing the out of balance, tiring “whup” emanating predominately from the front wheel at medium speeds on the roads. I had installed opposing rim locks on my previous 450, it was a bit better, but not still not smooth as I had hoped for. I went for it and installed the BalanceProXtreme 360 system. Wow, what a huge difference! The bike was smooth and settled at speeds that normally shook the bars like crazy. Going over jumps on the “medium” track at Watkins I noticed the wheels were rotationally smooth while in the air. Acceleration out of the corners and wheelies were smooth and effort less. I felt like I could ride faster for a much longer time. Looking forward to getting it out on the forest roads and trails. I would definitely “recommend to a friend”!

Frank J.

I started racing some enduros a couple of years ago and noticed a lot of vibration when riding the transfers between test sections. I heard about this product and decided to give it a shot. Installation was fairly straightforward and initial riding impressions have been great with smooth acceleration, etc. Can’t wait for spring here in CO to get some more time on them and I’ll follow up. Anything that keeps me on the trail longer with less fatigue is worth it in my book!

Matt A.

I recently installed the BPX360 balancers on my Husqvarna TE 300i. I figured it would help out with the shake at top speed. But this product greatly exceeded my expectations. It not only helped with the shake, it increased my top speed and acceleration. It has helped every aspect of my riding, hill climbs, rocks, desert, motocross and fire roads. Makes my bike feel so much smoother. I am going to highly recommend this product to all of my friends, and I encourage everyone to put this on their bike.

Andrew Neal

Perfect, Great Product. You should get the DB invator award I have been waiting for this product.. I have always balanced my DB tires. What a PIS epoxying on wheel weights by the tens with spoke weights and all, it looked like a mess. Having a 525 that goes in tight trails and hops on highway at 65 mph smooth and quiet to next section is very safe and comfortable. Then next tight section where 15 mph is flying. Balanced tires make riding easier faster and more fun. Great Job Chris, I hope you do very well with this. Look into EMTB that is a big growing market. I now have an electric dirt bike and balance is even more important. the quiet makes you so much more aware of your surroundings and equipment. I have to stop when a leaf gets in a spoke.

Pete Marshall

I installed this BPX360 Stabilizer Kit with two new tires and they work great! I will be installing them on any new bikes I get. Thanks, great product!

Joshua Knight