• Increased Performance
  • Faster Acceleration
  • Better Handling
  • Higher Top Speeds
  • Better Fuel Economy
  • Much Smoother Ride
  • Less Rider Fatigue
Patented Motorcycle Wheel Balancer


BPX360 is a new patented revolutionary wheel balance system for off-road and dual sport motorcycles. BPX360 offers a high quality product further advancing the performance technology of off road motorcycles. We take pride in delivering an exceptional product with exceptional results for our customers.

Our primary goal is to provide a high-quality product that you will appreciate and enjoy the benefits whether you are a racer, a weekend warrior or a cross country traveler. We encourage you to take advantage and experience our state of the art wheel balancing system and discover increased performance, provide faster acceleration, better handling, higher top speeds, better fuel economy, and most important a much smoother ride with less rider fatigue.

Let us enhance your motorcycles ride and performance! Our job is to make your experience a pleasant one and guide you every step of the way from purchase to installation. If you have any questions, please contact us.


BPX360 Wheel Balancer installed on front tire

Fact: If you own an off road motorcycle and it is equipped with rim locks, your wheels are seriously out of balance robbing your bike of its full potential!

The BPX360™ Motorcycle Wheel Balancing System will eliminate the problem by providing a patented state of the art extremely durable counter balancer and replacement rim locks.

Chris having fun on his motorcycle

What do you get when you cross a motorcycle enthusiast with an aerospace engineering technician?

Meet Chris Anderies, a Colorado native and life-long veteran of the motorcycle industry. Chris spent years as a master automobile mechanic and automotive shop foreman before he changed careers to the aerospace industry where he became a research and development engineering technician and shop foreman. 10 years in this field allowed him to expand his knowledge of state of the art welding, machining, fabrication, and composite manufacturing engineering.